Lady Jane THC Vape Pen is our masterpiece we want to share with everyone. Sourced from the finest whole buds. Made from distillate for the cleanest smoothest high. Amazing taste with organic terpene Pink Kush flavor.

Lady Jane THC vape pen comes in an elegant plastic case. Original size without case — 11.8 cm. So vape pen is portable and looks great in hands. If you like disposal vape pen from London Donovan, then you would like Lady Jane too. Minimalist design for discreet vaping.

Available in Natural Flavors:

– Blue Cheese
– Gelato 
– Blue Dream 
– Root Beer 
– Strawberry Cough 
– King Louis XIII 
– Raw (No flavor added)
– Animal Cookies
– Sunset Sherbert
– Zkittlez 

– New York City Diesel 
– Pink Kush
– Skywalker Og 
– Pineapple Express
– Grand Daddy Purple
– Birthday Cake Kush
– Wedding Cake


There are Flavors in bigger THC size:

Find out more information and features from the latest user reviews:

“It is like paradise. When u smoked – you are on heaven. Only this moment is important. You feel calm and bliss. Anxiety is far behind. Recommended to everyone on earth.”

“Wow.. Amazing… Delicious… Euphoria…what can I say. This vapes got me sittin here, kinda like fun into space. The relaxing body high is quite amazing. Would definitely recommend for anyone with stress or pain issues.”

“Relaxed with just enough Sativa kick to work or stay focused. Gives you a great happy high. Super balanced shit. Loved this one for evenings. Let me relax and do things…”

“Great to wake and bake. Easy to smoke. When i smoky i feel shield like wakanda in Avengers. Really good for pain, stress, depression, muscle spasms, insomnia, and headaches.”

Using a pre-loaded vape pen allows for a highly controlled dose with each inhalation. This gives the user full autonomy of how much or little to consume. + 99 Inhalations. You decide how to have fun, relax or work. Also best for parties and private. Enjoy noticeable, effective pain and symptom relief when medicating with Lady Jane THC Vape Pen. Try it.

Additional Info: Lady Jane Pens are rechargeable. Look for slot at bottom of pen, plug in ONLY an Android cable to charge pen. Pens can only be recharged using an android charger. You may need to inhale pen a few times to start charging process while the pen is connected.

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